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Yi, Piljin

/ School of Physics

String Theory, Field Theory, and Quantum Gravity

Piljin Yi works on superstring theories, field theories, and quantum aspects of gravitational theories. He is an expert on semiclassical solitons and quantum coherent objects, and authored a series of papers on magnetic monopoles and the supersymmetric spectra of dyons in Yang-Mills theories, which remain among the authoritative references on the subject.

He is widely recognized for having given an existence proof of D0-brane bound states; this proof is one of the central evidences for the hypothetical M-theory, which, as was initially conjectured by E. Witten, is supposed to include all known superstring theories as special limits. Emergence of stable fundamental strings as coherent objects in an unstable open string theories is another of his important discoveries, with far-reaching yet unrealized implications for the illusive string field theory.

His more recent interest include a holographic picture of QCD with emphasis on nucleon dynamics, a general formulation of wall-crossing phenomena of BPS objects, and applications of superstring theory to real world phenomenology.

Yi, Piljin
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  • Professor of Physics, Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Seoul, since September 1998
  • Vice President, Korea Institute for Advanced Study, 2017-
  • Chair, School of Physics, Korea Institute for Advanced Study, 2014-2016
  • Visiting Professor, Stanford University, Stanford, Winter & Fall Quarters, 2008
  • Member, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, Fall Semester, 2004
  • Visiting Professor, University of Chicago, Chicago, February 2001
  • Visiting Scientist, CERN, Geneva, Summers, 1997/2000/2004
  • Research Associate, Newman Lab, Cornell University, Ithaca, Sept.1997 - May.1999
  • Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Columbia University, New York, Sept.1994 - Aug.1997
  • Ph.D. California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, June 1994
  • Invited Review Speaker, Strings Conference, Seoul, 2013
  • Leading Scientist, The Korea Academy of Science and Technology, 2013
  • Top 100 Nationwide Research Output, KISTEP, Korea, 2008
  • Best Research Paper Award, Center for Quantum Spacetime, 2008/2007
  • MEST Research & Development Top 50 Projects, Korea, 2007
  • Outstanding Scientist, The Korea Academy of Science and Technology. 2007
  • Invited Speaker, Strings Conference, Kyoto, 2003
  • Outstanding Young Reseacher Award, APS March Meeting, 1998
  • Fellow, Korea Foundation for Advanced Study, 1987-1994
  • Prime Minister Award for Academic Excellence, Commencement, Seoul National University, February 1987
  • Office:1316 / TEL) 82-2-958-3757 / FAX) 82-2-958-3786
  • School of Physics, Korea Institute for Advanced Study
    85 Hoegiro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul 02455, Korea