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Oguiso, Keiji

/ School of Mathematics

Algebraic geometry

Inspired by complex dynamical study of automorphisms by McMullen, I am now most interested in automorphisms, both biholomorphic and bimeromorphic, of Calabi-Yau manifolds in wider sense. I obtained complete description of the group of automorphisms up to finite group for non-projective HK manifolds, Tits' alternating type theorem for projective HK manifolds, some characterizations of finiteness of automorphisms of CY manifolds of Picard number 2 and so on. I also worked on general singular fibers of holomorphic Lagrangian fibrations with Jun-Muk Hwang and on higher dimensional analogue of Enriques surface with Stefan Schroeer.

Oguiso, Keiji
  • Professor, Osaka University, April 2009 -- present
  • Professor, Keio University, April 2006 -- March 2009
  • Associate Professor, University of Tokyo, April 1996 -- March 2006
  • Lecturer, Ochanomizu Wemen's University, March 1993 -- March 1996
  • Assistant Professor, University of Tokyo, July 1990 -- February 1993
  • Ph.D (advisor: Professor Yujiro Kawamata), University of Tokyo, 1991
  • KIAS Scholar, Korea Institute for Advanced Study, July 2005 -- June 2008
  • KIAS Scholar, Korea Institute for Advanced Study, July 2010 -- present
  • / / FAX) 82-2-958-
  • School of , Korea Institute for Advanced Study
    85 Hoegiro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul 02455, Korea