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TITLE Light flavon signals at electron-photon colliders
KIAS AUTHORS Yokoya, Hiroshi,Nomura, Takaaki
ARCHIVE 1707.06542
ABSTRACT Flavor symmetries are useful to realize fermion flavor structures in the standard model (SM). In particular, the discrete A(4) symmetry is used to realize lepton flavor structures, and some scalars-called flavons-are introduced to break this symmetry. In many models, flavons are assumed to be much heavier than the electroweak scale. However, our previous work showed that a flavon mass around 100 GeV is allowed by experimental constraints in the A(4) symmetric model with a residual Z(3) symmetry. In this paper, we discuss collider searches for such a light flavon phi(T). We find that electron-photon collisions at the International Linear Collider have advantages for searching for these signals. In electron-photon collisions, flavons are produced as e(-)gamma -> l(phi T)(-) and decay into two charged leptons. Then, we analyze signals of the flavor-conserving final state tau(+)tau(-)e(-) and the flavor-violating final states tau(+)mu(-)mu(-) and mu(+)tau(-)tau(-) by carrying out numerical simulations. For the former final state, SM background can be strongly suppressed by imposing cuts on the invariant masses of final-state leptons. For the latter final states, SM background is extremely small, because in the SM there are no such flavor-violating final states. We then find that sufficient discovery significance can be obtained, even if flavons are heavier than the lower limits from flavor physics.
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